Top 7 Indian Healthy Food To Eat If You’re Trying To Lose Weight


Food is one of the primary means of happiness when it comes to staying fit, and no one can resist delicious Indian healthy cuisine. But there are certain things to bear in mind when eating Indian healthy cuisine for weight loss or maintaining fitness: find ways to enjoy delicious meals without adding to your calorie and fat counts; here are some top Indian healthy dishes with less fat and calories that could help:

List Of Top 7 Indian Healthy Food :

healthy indian food
healthy indian food

Boiled Dal

Boiled Dal is one of the healthiest foods to make in India and one of the few with zero-calorie count – perfect for weight control! Boil the dal thoroughly, adding turmeric and cumin spices as they aid digestion; avoid all chutney as these add extra fat and calories to the meal.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is healthier than its white counterpart as more fibre, iron, B vitamins and other vital nutrients remain within each grain of brown rice than do in its processed state. Since brown rice comes directly from nature it offers more in terms of fibre iron B vitamins and minerals than white. Eating brown rice regularly can be one of the best things you can do for your health when trying to lose weight since its higher fibre and protein content keeps you feeling full for longer and leads to fewer calories being consumed compared to white.

Tandoori Rotis

Tandoori rotis are delicious and healthy Indian foods to add to your weight-loss efforts, provided they’re of the right kind and without fillers such as fat or preservatives. When choosing your tandoori roti, always opt for plain, simple varieties without fillers.

Paneer And kimbab

Paneer is one of the healthiest Indian foods and is often combined with Kimbab for maximum nutritive benefit. Kimbab is an Indian dish consisting of rice mixed with various vegetables roasted in either an oven, pan or tandoor; its main goal is weight loss as it contains minimal fat compared to other Indian dishes. You can customize its nutrition further by incorporating different kinds of veggies or spices to add even greater nutrition into this tasty treat!

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables If you enjoy Indian veggie cuisine, it is essential that you consume freshly-prepared, low-fat versions in order to maintain good health and fitness. Roasted, grilled or steamed vegetables offer lower calories while still being high in fibre content – any deep-fried Indian vegetarian dishes should be avoided as these contain excessive fat.

Soaking Chana And Urad Dal Before Cooking

Chana dal and urad dal are staple ingredients in many Indian dishes like dal makhni and rogan josh, not only because of their delicious flavor but also due to their nutritious properties. When soaked prior to being cooked, their fat content significantly decreases making these legumes ideal for weight loss and being better for health overall.


That concludes our list of Indian foods suitable for weight loss. You can now enjoy tasty Indian dishes without fearing their calories; simply use our list to make healthier substitutions while cooking and enjoy these tasty yet healthy Indian options!